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Working Dogs

There are a large number of jobs a German Shepherd can do. The most commonly known is the “police dog” or K-9. When we think of police dogs, we usually think of “attack” dogs or drug dogs. The truth is that there are police dogs or personal protection daos for quite a number of specialized needs.

German Shepherds are also, often used to protect businesses and the people who own them. Our German Shepherds are trained to accompany the owner to work and be watchful while being social at the same time. A protection dog for a business requires an exceptionally well-trained dog who can determine the difference between a customer or visitor and a potential threat.

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  • Name: Parker - Personal Protection Dog
  • Origin: Import Male
  • D.O.B. : 09.02.2014
  • Hip Rating: a normal
  • Elbow Rating: a normal
Description Parker is a solid black Slovakian imported male. Parker is a very handsome and sweet tempered young male.  He is driven for the toy, loves to work and always…
  • Name: Pax- Import Male
  • Origin: Import Male
  • Hip Rating: A Stamped
  • Elbow Rating: A Stamped
Description Pax is an import German Shepherd from our kennel in Slovakia.  He is a very powerful and well rounded male with wonderful drives and ability to work.  Pax is…
  • Name: Jeronymo - Import Male
  • Origin: Import Male
  • D.O.B. : 09.05.2007
  • Titles: V1, SVV2. KKl1
  • Hip Rating: A Stamped
  • Elbow Rating: A Stamped
Description Jeronymo is full deal. He is trained obedience and protection and is a super well built and agile dog. Jeronymo is V rated, titled in SVV2 and has his…
  • Name: Zepher Canine Extreme
  • Origin: Canine Extreme Male
  • D.O.B. : 02.01.2011
  • Sold to : Alabama
Description Zepher became a fast favorite as a puppy and did tremendous in his training.  Since about 8 weeks Zepher lived loose in our home and traveled to and from…
  • Name: K9 Astor
  • Origin: Import Male
  • Titles: Police Dog
Check out K9 Astor who currently works with Corporal Steve Owens of Satellite Beach PD.  Astor was a puppy raised in our Slovakia Breeding program and we couldn't be more…
  • Name: k9 Bero
  • Origin: Import Male
  • Titles: Police Dog
Description Bero is an import male from incredible bloodlines in Europe. He was born and raised in within our partner kennel and training program in Slovakia. Since his arrival to…
  • Name: Tracer Canine Extreme
  • Origin: Canine Extreme Female
  • D.O.B. : 04.17.2005
  • Titles: Police Dog
Description Tracer is a single purpose Narcotics dog for the Monroe County Sheriffs Department. She was born and raised with us at Canine Extreme and has had a tremendous career…
  • Name: Deja Vu Canine Extreme
  • Origin: Canine Extreme Female
  • D.O.B. : 03.07.2008
  • Titles: Police Dog
Description K9 Deja is a solid working German Shepherd from Canine Extreme. Born and raised within our program she excels everyday as a top notch Narcotics dog for the Sheriff's…
  • Name: K9 Wind
  • Origin: Import Male
Wind is an Import Male German Shepherd and he work's with Sgt. Sean Brandenburg at the Key West Police Department.
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