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Happy New Year From Katan

Katan Situp

Happy New Year From Katan!

Colby & Raul

Wishing you the best new year.

There isn’t a day or even an hour that goes by without thinking how much we love our Katan.  Here he is in our airplane hangar in front of the fake fireplace in this picture.  He still has an excellent work ethic but love to be at our side just to play.

J & S


Airline Pilot

Good morning,

I operated a flight out of Key West this morning and wanted to compliment you on the dog that was being shipped out west. The dog was well taken care of from Key West to Miami, at which point it will be on another aircraft to its destination. I'm currently not in the market for another GSD but have your website now, thanks to the gate agents here in Key West. I look forward to exploring the website and seeing more of your GSD's on our flights.

Alex A.
American Eagle Airline

Preston C.E. & Family

PrestonCE GUs 201703Hello!!


I wanted to send you a picture of our Gussy (aka Preston Canine Extreme). He is everything we ever wanted in a dog! We completed his star puppy and he is great in obedience class. He is a wonderful companion for our kids and is just all around cool guy!

We appreciate everything and can't thank you enough!!



Greta - Washington County Young Marines

GretaMarinesMy 11 year old son, Jesse, is a member of the Washington County Young Marines. (A national organization affiliated with the Marine Corp). This picture was taken at a recent community service program, Toys For Tots, at a local Harley Shop. This past weekend, she did a 3 hour K9 demo at their boot camp. She located (tracked) 5 IED's (articles); sniffed out 5 bombs (her ball) located in their bunk house; gaurded the unit from an aggressive "undesirable" (long bite), gaurded the undesirable and prevented escape (escape bite) then escorted undesirable back to unit for interagation.


Richard, Pat & Knight

KnightAZ911_75Hi Colby & Raul,

We want to express our complete satisfaction with the consideration and thoughtfulness you both exhibited in helping and guiding the selection of the perfect dog for us. Not only is he highly intelligent and completely compatible with our personal situation but the training that he and we have received is far better and more complete than any other we have encountered in the past 38 years with other breeders and trainers.

A perfect example is the noisy environment he was exposed to. The sound of machinery, lawn mowers etc which fostered steady nerves as was manifested by a comfortable reaction to my lawnmower being used in close proximity .

We could not be more pleased with the end result as well as the integrity and honesty you both showed in the total transaction. We can confidently recommend both of you and your dogs to anyone who asks us.

Thank you again for everything. Your new found friends,

Rich & Pat