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Nell vom Vogelsberger Sudhang SG, ZVV1, IPO1, KKL

  • Name: Nell - Slovakia Import
  • Origin: Import Female
  • D.O.B. : 10.28.2011
  • Titles: SG, ZVV1, IPO1, KKL
  • Hip Rating: normal
  • Elbow Rating: normal


Nell is a solid black female of medium size and is titled in SVV1 and KKL. Nell has flawless angles, wonderful disposition and absolutely loves to work and play.  She is social with the family, animals and has an incredible temperament all around.



Nell comes from top pedigree known for their strong work ethics and genetics. Her father is Balko von der Teufelskehle a solid black German Shepherd male who is titled in SCHH3, IPO3 (BSP), KKL and V- rated!! Balko is known for his progeny who have had a strong presence in dog sport.  With more then 50 of his progeny rated in SCHH3/IPO3 Balko is a proven producer of good genetics and performance. This comes as no surprise as Blako is the son to the world famous Tyson von der Schiffslache!  Tyson was 3X BSP, 13xSCHH3 mostly with scores in the upper 90’s, IPO3, FH1 and KKL. Tyson has produced 100’s of puppies throughout Europe with more then 100 of them titled in IPO1/SCHH1 or higher.  6 of Tyson’s progeny were SCHH3 (LGA), 2 males (Hoky Va-Pe & Glen vom Hexenkeller) were SCHH3 (WUSV), countless police dogs all over the world and the achievements just keep going.  Tyson is world renown and it’s truly for a reason, this dog was built to work and has produced countless champions proving his quality over and over again.   Balkos mother is G Wilma vom Ketscher Wald titled in SCHH3 (LGA-FCI) and Kkl 2.  Wilma comes from a very powerful male named Olex de Valsory who is titled SCHH3 (SG-BSP), IPO3, KKL.  Some notable names from the father line: Nick vom Heiligenbösch (SCHH3, SG-WUSV-WM), IPO1, FH1, KKL), Aly vom Vordersteinwald (SCHH3, G-BSP, FH2, KKL), Olix von Karthago (SCHH3, V-LGA, KKL), Boy von Haus-Klönne (SCHH3, G-BSP, KKL) & Fado von Karthago (SCHH3, IPO3, FH, KKL).

Nell's mother is a solid black female named Kylie vom Vogelsberger Südhang (SCHH2, IPO3, KKL). Kylie comes from a top rated sire named Ix vom Patscherkofel (V, SCHH3, KKL). Her mother is SG Goldi vom Vogelsberger Südhang (SCHH3, KKL), Goldie is the granddaughter to Glenn von der Hühnergasse (SchH3, V-WUSV-WM, IPO3 FH1, KKL). Glenn is dark sable male who was born in 1997 and really left a mark on German Shepherds today with his quality genetics and temperament. Glenn produced 100’s of puppies in his day and many of them topped the charts of SCHH3/IPO3 at the LGA and BSP.  Some of Glenn’s most notable progeny are: Rocky vom Gleisdreieck (V, SchH3, G-BSP, IPO3 FH2), Avanti von der Donnerbrücke (SchH3, SG-LGA, IPO3 FH2) & Cliff Stadt der Rose (SchH3, SG-LGA, IPO3 FH1). Glenn was the son to an impressive sire names Manto vom Kahlenbach (SchH3, V-WUSV-WM) FH1, KKL). 

Overall Nell represents a very old bloodline mixed with the powerhouses of today.  She is bred to perform and produce top performing dogs and so far she has done just that.