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German Shepherd Young Adults For Sale

YoungDog1YoungDog2All the young dogs you see listed on this page are dogs that were born and trained within our program both in the US and in Europe. We present them to you with the pride of parenthood and confidence in their ability to perform. Our young adults have a basic knowledge of obedience, base foundation of drives and are socialized properly on a daily basis within our program.

  • Name: Henko - German Import
  • Origin: Import Male
  • D.O.B. : 09.09.2017
  • Titles: VP
Description Henko is a stunning male who was born in Germany and arrived to the USA just as soon as he was old enough to fly. Since Henko‚Äôs arrive in…
  • Name: Natalie Canine Extreme
  • Origin: Canine Extreme Female
  • D.O.B. : 12.29.2017
Description Natalie was born in the USA from two top rated imported parents.  She has beautiful pigmentation, wonderful structure and very masculine head. Natalie loves to play, very sociable with…