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Canine Training

Dog Training With Canine Extreme


We train at our PRIVATE facility located in Morriston, Florida on a 30 acre horse farm nestled just outside of Ocala, Florida. At our PRIVATE compound, we are able to train for tracking, agility, protection and obedience in a quiet natural setting. We stress socialization and obedience in genuine situations and have the ability to use both city and country atmospheres to provide logistical life environments for training. Our dogs are trained with both voice and silent signal commands and adaptable to a myriad of situations.  At our facility was also have horses, chickens, cats and various other wildlife that our dogs are socialized with and trained around daily.

Canine Extreme also offers public training courses for all dogs.  We offer Private Lessons as well as Weekly & Monthly Boot Camps.  Our lessons and programs are specific to each individual dog's needs.  To find out more on these programs please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out about pricing and schedule availability.


IBN200Basic to Advanced Obedience

Our canines are trained in basic and advanced obedience both on and off the leash. We use “real life” situations to train our dogs and have the ability to be “site specific” (warehouse, office, businesses, parking lots, yachts, etc.). Our staff uses the bustling Cities of Ocala, Gainsville and Orlando with its infusion of tourists and energy to facilitate the creation of the “bomb proof” dog that is comfortable and confident in any situation. Our Advanced Obedience Program builds on the basic come, heel, sit, down and stay both on and off the leash. Often depending on the country of origin, our canines are trained in English, Dutch, German or Czech. We focus our attention during this phase not only on the basic commands, but the integration of socialization and manners in a public setting. We encourage the application of normal societal interaction with both people and other animals and stress restraint and obedience in confrontation.


We have the capability to train for advanced agility disciplines. We train your dog to walk the dog walk, climb, crawl, jump and tunnel. Our agility dogs are adept at weave poles, see-saw, collapsible chutes, and pause table. Your dog can train on both grass and packed sand (more closely resembling many show grounds). We train both the serious competition dog in advanced agility and the home-grown Frisbee dog needing an additional energy outlet!


Best200Executive Protection Dogs

Canine Extreme prides itself on its Protection Dogs. We would like to correct the common misinterpretation of “protection” dog relative to ferocity. We do not create mean or vicious uncontrollable dogs for protection, nor do we train dogs exhibiting these behaviors. Our first goal in training is Obedience. We place emphasis on the word “protection” and would like to make it clear that we do not train dogs to attack. Our canines are trained to protect their owners. Our dogs are trained to bite and hold, or simply hold as is necessary while responding immediately to your commands.

A dog is first and foremost a companion to you and your family. Even if you employ our dogs specifically to “protect” your premises (business, office, etc.) the ability of your dog to adapt socially to an owner must be vital. In a family situation you must have the ability to live a natural life. Your friends should be able to visit your home without feeling threatened, hence, our insistence on proper socialization. We train our dogs to recognize the difference between friend and foe, and even the difference when friend becomes foe. Lifestyle awareness is part of our training program and our Protection Dog can be both lovable and effective.

You will see many references to “Schutzhund” training with which you may not be familiar. While the word “Shutzhund” is the German word that refers to a “protection dog” there are several titles and disciplines that the term has come to encompass.