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Puppy Training Program

German Shepherd Puppy Training Program


The first 16 weeks of a puppies life are perhaps the most important. At Canine Extreme, Owner & Head Trainer Raul Hernandez personally selects German Shepherd puppies from each litter to enroll in our very own German Shepherd Puppy Training Program. The selection process for a puppy into this program is lengthly.  Raul is looking at everything from character, drives, confirmation to temperament among the litter and so on. Each puppy is unique and we believe in selecting a puppy that has the proper requirements to successfully advance within our program. It is from Raul's many years of experience that he is able to select the proper puppy to not only advance in this program but also to succeed and meet the highest of standards.

ChanelBoye070314Our german shepherd puppies are started from an early age in proper socialization and learning their basic puppy obedience. They are worked daily around our training facility and learn to get along and work around many different types of distractions such as: horses, tortoises, chickens, cats, people and (of course) other dogs as well.  As the puppies mature we begin to increase their level of distractions by taking the off the farm and working them around town (Orlando, Gainesville and Ocala).  This allows the puppy to become very well rounded and ready for anything.

Puppies TrainingAll of our training consists of positive reinforcement and maintaining the drive. With our methods we are able to give each a puppy a good base in obedience and socialization without putting to much pressure on them. This way when a puppy graduates from our program they are proud to work and happy because being with you is the best things in the world.

The German Shepherd Puppies that graduate from our program will eventually advance onto many different careers. Some will work in law enforcement, some will excel in sport and the show ring. Other puppies will become part of families as their personal protection dogs and a very select few will be used in our breeding program.

You can view dogs that are currently enrolled in this program by checking out our "Students" Page.


Enroll Your Puppy In Our Puppy Training Program

KongoPupsCCE42114 1At Canine Extreme we also offer our Puppy Training Program for customers. This is based on very limited availability mainly due to the fact that our puppies receive so much one on one attention. Basically with this option we would help you select a puppy from one of our available litters that has the qualities and characteristics that you are looking from.Once the puppy is selected he/she would remain at our farm for an additional month training.

UmbroIzzyOnce your German Shepherd puppy is ready to go home we will give you plenty of homework to help maintain the training and drives. When the puppy reaches 6 months you many send him/her back for additional training or at 1 year you can send him/her back for "finishing training". We have been offering this program to our customers for nearly 10 years and I cannot tell you the amount of success that we have had from it. Our german shepherd puppy training program has not only been a tremendous staple in the quality of dogs that we offer the world but it has also helped so many families obtain the perfect dog and lifetime partner that they are searching for.

To find out more about this program or to reserve your space in our training program please contact us for more information. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.